Alessandro Stellino

Alessandro Stellino (Nuoro 1973). Critico cinematografico, risiede a Milano. Specializzato in Letteratura americana e cinema di ricerca, è tra gli autori del Dizionario dei film di Paolo Mereghetti e collabora con il quotidiano La Nuova Sardegna. Cura rassegne e corsi di critica cinematografica nel capoluogo lombardo. Ha fondato il sito di “resistenza critica” Incendi è il suo primo romanzo.

September 1986, northernmost part of Sardinia. Lilli is sitting on the roof of a car parked in front of the seaside, she is just listening the music of the waves. Laying inside the car there is Mirco, a quiet boy who has his leg injured. Is that how Perla, a little girl, notes the strangers couple during one of her joyrides in the beach still warmed by the last sun lights of the summer, and makes friends with them. The little girl will covertly spent with Lilli and Mirco the last picaresque days of a summer studded by devastating blazes and by the incredible jailbreak of two convicts from the prison in the Asinara Island. Perla won’t totally understand which is the bond between Lilli and Mirco (brother and sister? lovers on the run?) even less she won’t prefigure their destiny. Perla’s snappy and imaginative voice turns in a fairytale the last glimpse of a cruelly eventful summer. The colours of the light-hearted childhood paints the monochrome of a news story full of mysteries and questions, a story that might be started in another scorching summer, two years before. A reporter, who long time ago got next to the truth, after many years would cast light on those mysteries. Between the tale told by Perla, an eyewitness to the events as a fanciful storyteller and that told by the accurate Giacomo Piras there’s an intriguing game of truth: missed, lost.